Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy

We all love cookies. wink

Most websites use cookies, and we do too, to keep offering you the best service. A cookie is a way of transferring little bits of information from our website back to us, which means, for example, that we can see which pages or products are our most popular and then create a better experience for you in the future.

There are a few different kinds of cookies and they each do slightly different things.

Website Functionality Cookies

These simply enable you to browse our website and use all our functions, like your Shopping Bag or Account pages.

Website Analysis Cookies

These help us to understand how our customers are using our website, and we use this information to constantly improve the way we do things.

Customer Preference Cookies

These help us to make sure your online experience is simple, easy, and relevant to you.


Targeting Cookies

We sometimes run online advertising campaigns, and, if we think you’ll be interested in what we have to say, targeting cookies will help us to deliver that message to you. More importantly, they limit the number of times you see any of our ads.

To find out more about cookies and how you can manage your cookie preferences please visit DAA